Recadio - Prevent Mac Audio Device Auto-Switch

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Recadio is the best way to avoid the very annoying auto-switch when connecting a new audio device.

For a given combination of audio devices, it remembers your preferred input/output. If you want to change your preference, just use the menubar dropdown to select a new one and it will be remembered.

How to use it

If you're the visual learner, skip this text and go to the video below. Otherwise keep reading.

Recadio is a menu bar application. Once you open it, you'll see a new icon on your menu bar that looks half headphones, half alien.

Pro tip: command click + drag menu bar items to your favorite location.

Clicking in the icon will open the audio devices list, showing the currently selected input and output devices.

When you select an input/output from Recadio, it'll remember it as your preferred input/output for the current combination of devices. If you don't select anything, it'll behave with the default macOS device switching.

This means you have to select the device at least once within Recadio for the app to remember your choice.

Here's a –huge– video (I don't know how to make it a reasonable size ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)


I'll keep this section alive with new QAs as I receive them

Q: I selected a device in the macOS system preferences but Recadio doesn't remember my choices.

A: If you selected the device in the system preferences menu, there's no way for Recadio to know if it was you or the system making the selection. Therefore that selection is ignored. Only selections within Recadio will be remembered.

Q: Why does this app have a minimum macOS version requirement?

A: It requires significantly more work to make the app compatible with older versions of macOS. If there's enough interest I'll work on a release that is compatible with versions older than Ventura (13.0.0)


All features marked with ✅ are implemented, and ⬜ are possible improvements.

  • ✅ Remembers your audio input/output selection for a given combination of connected devices.
  • ⬜ Rename devices
  • ⬜ Hide devices from the list
  • ⬜ Block a device from ever being auto-switched to
  • ⬜ Set devices' priority so auto-switches are always based on priority

I only implemented the main feature to avoid working on features you don't want. Because I want to make a solution that works for you, please reach out at or DM me @dgrcode to request a feature.

Some interesting facts

  • The name Recadio comes from "Remember choice of audio device input/output".
  • The logo is an alien head made with the shape of headphones
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The Recadio app

macOS version required
13.0.0 or above
9.08 MB


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Recadio - Prevent Mac Audio Device Auto-Switch

4 ratings
I want this!